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    With my T5 I was able to sync all the emails in my inbox/Outlook when I synced.

    Now, on the Treo650, when I hotsync the emails in the Outlook inbox do not sync with the Versamail inbox...

    I really don't care about reading my email using Versamail since I have snappermail.

    All I want from Versamail is to transfer the Inbox from Outlook to the Treo650.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
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    I am trying to do the same thing, except I want to be able to do it on multiple PC's. I want to have eery e-mail from my inbox at work on my Treo and home if possible.
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    Versamail Activesync works with the Exchange Server, not the Outlook client. There's a pretty lengthy thread somewhere else here that discusses the fact that there's nothing that syncs with the local Outlook client...
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    Thanks, that helps me understand why it works the way it does.

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