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    I am using a Verizon CDMA Treo 600 (Software version
    Treo600-1.11-VZW). This may have been the first time
    to use the alarm since upgrading the firmware, but I
    cannot be sure.

    I noticed this with Butler 2.82. I don't use the
    alarm function very often, so this is possibly the
    first time I've used it with 2.82.

    The only real functions of Butler that I am using are
    KLaunch and Fast Green LED with Voicemail Waiting.

    It only seems to happen when using a mp3 (using Pocket
    Tunes 2.3.4 Basic).

    When the time for the alarm comes, the screen comes up
    stating that I asked to be alerted, and the Treo
    resets before playing any sound.

    "A reset was caused on 3/19/05 at 6:25 am while
    running "Butler":

    Fatal Exception.

    When it comes back up, the LED is binking fast green.

    Using built-in Midis works fine, but using mp3s
    repeatedly causes resets.

    I checked PalmGear, and there appears to be a newer
    version, but the release notes did not say anything
    about fixing this issue

    Any suggestions?
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    I have this EXACT same problem. anyone have a solution?
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    Turns out something got corrupted. Uninstalling Bulter via uninstall manager and it's perferences didn't help anything. Ended up hard resetting and reinstalling all my apps.

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