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    MobiSystems seems to have developed lots of great applications. Most of them are under-rated but I believe that Docs is a very poweful doc application. Has anybody give it a try? Now if I could only figure out how to store the fonts in the SD card that would make my day. Anybody?


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    it does look nice but it only handles word. that's what makes docs to go so appealing to me. I wonder of mobi has any plans of supportin excel and powerpoint in the future?
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    They *do* have a program that handles excel and powerpoint.

    MobiSystems® OfficeSuite Classic

    I came upon this thread while searching for any info on it . . .

    So does anybody know??? Is MobiSystems® OfficeSuite Classic anygood . . . .
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    Does it support native file formats? It's not entirely clear from the product page.
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    Well it "supports" native file formats I guess based on this quote:

    "Moreover, you can work with native Microsoft® Office DOC and XLS files on your Palm® device and keep your documents up-to-date on both your handheld and desktop PC by using the synchronization capabilities that MobiSystems® OfficeSuite provides. "

    and this one:

    " . . . the program allows you to upload native Excel XLS, XML and CSV and Word DOC and TXT files on memory cards and work with them in their original PC format right on the handheld . . . "

    I don't guess I know extactly what that means. . .
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    I love Docs 2.40, but for some reason I can't seem to find how to go from the folders tree panel to the documents panel with the 5 navigation way buttons. Is that how it is or am I missing something?


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