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    I'm getting no GPRS signal on my new 650, and I'm wondering if it's because the T-Mo Web site still thinks I have a 270 (which works fine when I switch the SIM back in). The closest choice I can make is a 600, but then it will want me to download some software. Can anyone tell me if they've done this successfully?
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    It shouldn't matter what phone you have. I have a 650 working properly on T-Mobile and I'd bet that my 6315 still shows up on the big deal since I still plan to keep using it. If the 650 isn't working right it may be your settings.
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    I chose the 600 on the Tmo site and I didn't notice any software being installed on my 650 - and, GPRS has been working fine for the past 2 weeks (prior to that, I kept getting disconnected multiple times per day and the Treo wasn't able to reconnect until I reset it).
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