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    Anybody who had problems after the Cingular ROM Update w/ HotSync'ing or is just experiencing problems in general w/ BUB, might wanna ask for the new release candidate RC2
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    They sent me that version and told me to install it on top of the current install, and then uninstall it. Then re-install (or repair) Palm Desktop to get back their Backup conduit.

    The Palm Backup Conduit worked well. I'm debating on whether to start using BUB again..

    We'll have to go through the whole uninstall-repair cycle again when the the real firmware is released..

    I wish BUB used their own conduits without disabling Palm BU conduit. We would then have the BUB and Palm BU at the same time. More safety net....
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    Here's my e-mail"

    "We have an updated installer that may help with this issue.
    Please try a NEW download of the installer and save to
    your PC. Make sure you aren't running a previous installer
    of the same name after downloading.

    Install over your previous version and see if this helps.
    If you still have trouble, please include a copy of your hotsync
    log in your reply."

    No mention of installing / uninstalling / reinstalling PD.

    I am a bit confused by what they told you. When you install / Uninstall / reinstall PalmDeskop, what are you left with ? I would imagine just the PalmDesktop Conduit.

    When you say the Palm Conduit worked well, worked well for what ? The ROM Upgrade ? Are you saying that to do the ROM upgrade , we should have installed / uninstalled BUBP and reinstalled PD first ?

    Are you saying another Cingular ROM update is on its way ? Yesterday's wasn't the real one ?

    I always thought BUB did leave the Palm Conduit in place. I never had problems with the Palm Conduit on my Vx .... leaving me wondering if BUBP was a wise choice.
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    This is what my e-mail exchange said:

    "You may have to uninstall BackupBuddy for Windows and reinstall
    your Palm desktop software to get the Palm backup conduit enabled.

    IMPORTANT: Before you uninstall BackupBuddy, be sure to upgrade
    to the very latest.. we just updated and this would affect your ability
    to uninstall.

    Install the new version over your current BB for Windows." They had the link to the RC3 version of the next BUB release.

    The whole idea is to get get rid of the BUB conduit and get back to the Palm conduit for backup. Because P1's update procedure is designed to work with P1's conduit.

    The Palm conduit worked well in conjunction with their firmwasre updater. The whole process backud up my Treo, completed the update, and restored my Treo to the way it was (all applications, settings) before the update.

    I'm assuming that the Cingular update we see is specific to fixing the problems with Cingular phones only. The accompanying document mentions the VM problems only. Most of us have seen 1-3 MB extra memory .. I'm not sure why. Maybe some prior updates (Bluetooth?) have been moved to ROM?

    The problem with NVFS, and other general issues that apply to all Treo 650's will likely get addressed by ROM updates that'll appear about the same time for all Treo's.

    The above is only my guess. I have no inside information...

    BUB does not leave the Palm BU conduit in place.

    Try this: Rename the folder called Backup. Palm BU conduit will recreate it and copy all the handheld files to it.

    With BUB, you won't see that happen. They replace the P1 backup conduit and put the BUB backups in BB2DataStore and their own directories.

    The advantage of BUB is that one can get back to any earlier state of the handheld (Checkpoint BU).

    I now think that P1 BU conduit is good enough for most purposes. I'm going to re-install BUB now. I paid for it so might as well :-)
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    It would seem that BUB should have an enable / disable switch.
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    Here's the latest message from BlueNomad on the issue:

    Yikes.. sorry to hear about that ordeal. I think the problem with this kind of update is that BB and Palm hotsync are both trying to restore the device.

    You may have to disable BackupBuddy when doing a firmware upgrade like this one. BB will try to restore all the previous system files which would possibly cause a conflict with the new firmware. You could disable the BackupBuddy conduit in hotsync manager for the one hotsync.

    I think PalmOne should include some info about how to do a firmware upgrade
    with third party backup software...

    So in short:

    Go into HotSync Manager and disable BackUpBuddy Conduit before you do the Cingular ROM Update.
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    I'm wondering if that is enough. That won't get back the Palm One Backup Conduit.. will it?

    The Firmware update wizard does depend on some form of BU before and restore after the update. Will it be happy with BUB disabled but no P1 BU conduit?

    I don't have to find out. I did an uninstall of BUB and a repair of P1 desktop, firmware update, re-install of BUB. That worked.
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