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    My 650 used to automatically enter parenthesis and hypens when I entered new phone numbers. (example: (XXX) XXX-XXXX)

    Now it just clumps the numbers together like this XXXXXXXXXX. I've searched the forums but cant find any info on how to get it to automaticall format my new numbers. Any ideas?
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    I was searching for a way to have the opposite effect but found your answer in the t600 forum, posted by "bowin":
    Go to phone screen, press menu>options>dial preference> and check the box of North American Dailing. It will come back to normal.
    Looks like my problems and yours are solve, backhandfloater !
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    What delrey suggests works fine when you're entering a number in the phone app, but doesn't have any impact on entering a number in the contacts app. At least no on my 650.

    I don't ever remember the 650 automatically putting in parens and hyphens in contacts. For that matter, I don't think my 600 did, either.
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