September 1, 2000

For Immediate Release

ShowtimesToGo is giving away a year of free movies!

ShowtimesToGo, which delivers movie show times right to a moviegoers’ Palm PDA, is now taking the next step and paying for the movies. That is, free movies if you are film-savvy enough to correctly answer all the questions on the ShowtimesToGo website ( that will be posted weekly for the next month. Those who answer all the questions correctly will be eligible to win 52 free movie passes. Even if you’re not a movie trivia master, you could still be one of the ten people to win a monthly moviegoing package- four pairs of passes.

Non-subscribers can enter the Showtimes Showdown by visiting the ShowtimesToGo website, registering for the service, and taking a shot at the quiz. Previous weeks’ quizzes are also on the website so you can enter the contest at any time before it ends on September 29th.

To sign up, Palm owners simply visit the ShowtimesToGo website, download a small application file and register for the service. After that, they receive regular email messages containing up-to-date theater show times as Palm database files, ready to be synced to their Palm PDA.

The ShowtimesToGo Development Team (movie fans, every one) plans future expansion of the services and features-- for example, movie ratings and reviews, synopsis, Coming Attractions, a genre filter, Datebook connectivity, and more. Canadian theaters and overseas info are expected to be added to the offering soon, as well.

For more information contact:

John Hanlon, director
BetterClicks, Inc.
1250 Poydras
11th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70113

Phone: 504/525-4776
Fax: 504/525-6963