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    i'm away for the weekend. My camera uses SD to store photos, and it would be cool to transfer the photos to the laptop, however I didn't bring the card reader. Can I use the Treo 650 as an SD card reader?
    (pretty expensive one, I'll admit)
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    Yes you can.....but you have to get a 3rd party app called Card Export II
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    I cannot get the software to work any more. I get some "usb host" error. Help!
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    Cy - you could also insert the SD card and then use Versamail (or any other RAM-loaded email software) to email them to yourself and pick up your email on your PC. Or use Verichat to IM-send them to yourself. or use one of the free FTP clients to FTP them to a site you can download from (if you have one of those handy).

    or... (never tried this before, but don't see why it won't work) you could use Filez to change the .jpg on the card to .pdb and copy them to RAM, then hotsync them over to your backup directory, then rename them on the PC

    maybe more ways to be thought of also...
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    well I wanted to transfer a lot of photos- I thought about e-mailing them to myself but that seems very roundabout! I like the idea of an FTP client although its still roundabout, I didn't even know that that existed for PalmOS so thanks
    also good to know that the PalmOS IM clients are advanced to the point of supporting file transfer, didn't know that either!!

    I also didn't want to hotsync with the laptop, this phone is set up to hotsync with the desktop and I don't want to hotsync with multiple computers - i've had bad experience with that in the past.

    So anyway, I tried Card Export II, thats exactly what I was looking for, thanks!! The Treo 650 never ceases to amaze me.
    Palm Pilot 1000 -> Sprint TP-3000 -> Treo 300 -> Treo 650
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    treo neo...just delete and re-install

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