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    after using my Treo 650 (GSM) now for a while I found these apps are must haves:

    Chatter from Marc Blanc - the best Mail app I ever used with a great support (Thanks Marc!). True PUSH functionality with an IMAP server, GPRS traffic (checked with TrafficStat from Normsoft) is ok, it worth every penny.

    TrafficStat from Normsoft - to keep track of your GPRS traffic

    AvantGo - nothing to say or?

    Call Filter from velocityware. Great tool to have a little bit privacy or just to make sure only people you want to can call you ...

    Voice Dialer Pro from Grover Industries. Its so great to dial a number or launch an app just with your voice ...

    I am missing a RSS reader which supports Authentification. Anyone here who knows one?

    Additional a good replacement for the built-in contacts view would be great, perhaps something you can use with your fingers.

    A nice tool is Ringo Pro from Electricpocket, but not a must have ...

    To be continued ...
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    Can anyone confirm that CallFilter works with the Treo 650? I thought it only works with the 600?


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    Callfilter was functional on my 650 but seemed to cause a bit of instability. Not necesarily callfilters fault though. I took it off without much testing because I didn't really use it much.
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    callfilter has not been updated yet for the 650

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