Hey I feel like a real tool right now. I just got a treo 600 (sprint to verizon). I have had it working fine up till now. I was changing some settings to get my blazer to work (web pro works fine) and I use a virtual modem to connect.

The problem is I went into ##3282 and reset everything to nothing and never wrote down the #'s. Now when I try to connect I get "your phone must be configured for vision..." but here is the problem - I am in Canada and Roaming, so when I say yes to configure I am told "eror: data service not avail while roaming.."

But I wil never be on a true Verizon home network to get it working living in canada (use SaskTel right now). Does anyone have the manual settings for the user name, ha password, primary HA, secondary HA, MN-HA spi, MN-AAA spi

As I said I am stupid and erased them all.