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    Has anyone lost their card from the treo. It happened to me twice. The first was 256, and the other was 512. I don't know how i do this, the phone is either in my pocket, in my car, or on my desk. I did drop the phone the other night when i was drunk, but i didn't think that would knock the card out of it. Has anyone else lost their card? Is there a way to back up my card onto my PC?
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    no never...the only time i technically lost a card...well got it destroyed...was when my friend accidently drowned my Sandisk U2 256MB card in a ice bucket...poor baby was only 2 days old
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    Quote Originally Posted by jorsuss
    Is there a way to back up my card onto my PC?
    BackupBuddy will back up your SD card as well as your main memory.
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    lost my 1 gig for my 600 - don't even know how it happen.
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    Don't underestimate what one can do while drunk :-). I have not had any problem with my card coming out but I can see where a drop would dislodge it. There should be a more secure way of keeping the card in though.
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    I once dropped my Treo onto carpet via a chair, and both the stylus and the SD card got separated from it. They landed something like two feet away from the Treo, so it is quite possible that your card is still left where you dropped your Treo.
    Hopefully the next Treo will finally have a mechanical lock/door that prevents the cards from flying around!
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    Moroner, I agree with you. When my 650 fell, everything that could come out CAME out. The SD card flew 2 feet ahead of the Treo, the battery and battery door flew a few inches, the styles rolled away, and the SIM card got separated from the tray and landed close to the SD card. Though the battery door is a locking door, it too flew out.

    Note: I dropped my 650 onto marble (it didn't die).
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    damn, the drop onto marble couldn't have been pretty
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    I lost a 128MB card a couple months ago. Not sure how it disappeared, but I didn't notice it was gone until the next morning. I was a little drunk the night before also.
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    You can use Card Export II to back your card up onto your PC
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    I lost my 1 gb card in my hurry to go shoppin. I dropped the unit and did not notice the card had flew out until it was too late. I was on my knees scouring the parking lot looking for that baby.

    Now I have a piece of scotch tape over the card for a lil piece of mind.

    P.S. I didn't think the card could be lost that simply on the 650 but I was mistaken!
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    That is one nice thing about the palmone form fit case. It has a strap on top that goes right over the sd slot. Makes sure I can't lose it.
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    You can get an app called Cardkeeper that will notify you when you card is ejected accidently. You can set it to ring and/or vibrate and has helped me from losing my cards a few times. I had it working perfectly on my 600 but never gotten around to my 650.
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    I use a freeware program called palmpuke. Lovely name, but it it has about 8 sounds to choose from that it will make while inserting or ejecting the card. I use the "scream", which WILL get your attention if the card accidently ejects, as well as anybody that may be standing close to you!
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    I put a piece of tape over the top of my card, to ensure that it stays in.
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    The F650 leather case from Treo Central has a flip-lid that covers the SD card slot, among the case's many other nice features.
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    my 650 took a nasty fall while in one of the rhino aluminum hard cases (made for the 600). the door flung open, and the sd card went flying out, but zero damage. tough little case with a handy sd card holder inside the door as well. i did install palm puke as well, just to be on the safe side. there was no alcohol involved.
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    I've never liked the formfit cases for Palms, so use belt-clipped pouches. My 650 lives in a Palm branded side load case which will contain the card if it happens to be ejected.

    I like the idea of palmpuke - will go look for it now. I guess you don't move this app to the SD card
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    I lost a 1 gb high speed card at a conference and had to wait until I got back home to order a new one. Luckily it happened the first day and I had just used BackupBuddy so got everything back (lots of pictures and app DBs on the card).
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    I could see why your card could be lost. I noticed how it shows about 1/16" above the top, making it vulnerable to bumping, then ejecting. I hope the skin I purchased here covers that slot.
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