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    I have an SBS2003 server with Exchange 2003 running. I have an email address of My web site is and is hosted by my ISP. I have registered another domain name that points at my servers IP address. It is I had to create an MX record that points to my server

    I followed the instructions in the chatter manual to setup IMAP on my server. I created a new virtual server called "fn". What is my IMAP Server name for Chatter? Would it be That's what I use for Exchange mail clients. I just can't figure out what to type into Chatter. Help anyone?

    Also is there a reason why I need to create a new IMAP4 Virtual Server when there is already a default one in SBS2003? Is there a reason not to use the one called "Default IMAP4 Virtual Server"?
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    This thread should be in the Chatter forum not the T650 hardware forum.
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    Please excuse. Moderator please move to proper forum.
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    Your mail server will be the same hostname,

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