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    Im having a huge problem with my treo 600. A friend of mine sent me a link to sign up at a website called, a site for sending and receiving text messages.

    Thinking this could be harmless, I signed up and they said they would send a confirmation # in a txt to my treo 600 handheld. Prior to sending this txt , they asked me my Carrier service and Mobile #.

    So they claimed to have sent a txt to my phone, however when I go to SMS on my treo, my treo resets immediately. I press it again, it resets. I go to the palm homescreen and click the SMS icon, and it resets. my txt messaging capability is basically LOST!

    I tried doing a complete reset and erasing the memory on my palm by holding down the power button while pressing reset. All my data was erased, but the palm STILL RESET when I pushed the SMS button.

    I'm completely frustrated at this point and dont know what to do. Additionally, sometime when I go to my contacts list, and hold down to scroll through my list, the treo will inadvertently reset as well.

    These resets also occur even if the treo radio is off.
    Im so pissed about this and dont know how to correct this issue. I knew I shouldnt have signed up at this website... stupid me.

    Has anyone else signed up at this site and had a similar problem? Does anyone know how to fix this reset problem? Im stuck and dont know what to do.

    Thanks so much =)
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    You have to get a new phone. Call your carrier.

    One would think this would have been fixed by now!
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    UK Orange Treo 600 user here

    Just wanted to confirm that the SMS.AC service does indeed fry the Treo 600.

    I received an email from a trusted friend to join the service so signed up, got my activation code and then a day later "zap" a dead phone.

    Everytime I tried to connect to the network (wireless mode) the Phone would hang and then if I tried to manually delete things or even take out the SD card the phone would crash with an audible buzzing sound.

    K/Backspace reset didn't clear it.

    After a hard reset and data erase I had a working phone but none of my data or apps. After a Hotsync the problem returned.

    I managed to fix it by dumping all my back-up files into an archive so that I had a clean back up folder, doing a hard reset (erasing all data) and then hotsync so that I at least got my contact and calendar data back.

    I'm now reloading original apps to see how far I get before it crashes again - a long process but the above only happened after I had susbcribed to SMS.AC

    Does anyone have an idea of exactly which files may have been contaminated by what is effectively an SMS.AC virus?

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    SMS.AC fried my Treo too. I did everything, including the battery disconnect reset to no avail. Verizon had to replace it!

    Solution: block all email from SMS.AC - You can do this on the Web with Verizon and probably other carriers.
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    Better solution: Update your firmware.

    The latest Verizon update fixes the issue. FYI, if you're using something like TreoHelper to automatically turn wireless mode on when the phone resets, this can be a ***** to avoid. I managed to get myself out of the loop and restore a backed up version of my SMS DB, after which I installed the latest Verizon update. No problems at all. doesn't corrupt your firmware or fry your phone, it just brings out a bug in the SMS application, which was fixed in the latest firmwares. Unfortunately, if an SMS is incoming, the Treo will automatically launch the SMS app as soon as you turn wireless mode on. Simply don't turn it on, update your firmware, and everything will be fine. I'm assuming other service providers also have updates available, the VZW one has been out for a while.

    FYI if you block by domain it won't work. The SMS messages come from a special "short" SMS number (it's 5 digits and starts with a 5), these "short" numbers are the cause of the problem. Numerous OTHER services also use such "short" numbers and can bring out the same bug.
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    So you're saying we can receive messages from SMS.AC now?

    Have you gotten it to work with a Verizon CDMA phone?

    (I am afraid to give it a try and I did do the update)
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    Yes. I've got a Verizon CDMA Treo 600, and the latest (1.11?) Verizon update fixed the SMS application getting crashed by messages from

    It's definately a worthwhile update to install, considering that there are other providers that have "short" SMS addresses just like does. (I think AIM's SMS gateway falls into this category, in addition to some nifty directory lookup site I recently found, I need to go hunt that particular site down in my bookmarks...)
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    I too signed up after a trusty friend invited me. my trusty treo 600 on Verizon also went into reset loop upon launching sms. no text for me I installed the updater and vóila, works like a charm, my treo now working 100 percent.
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