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    Question on syncing both goodlink and pocketmirror simultaneously?

    During my deployment of the latest goodlink v4 on Treo650's a power user discovered that Goodlink does not utilize the Category field in Outlook. Turns out this is the CEO of the company and he uses the categiry fiend exclusivly to organize contacts and notes 300 and 200 respectivly. After I handed him the Treo he was crushed to find out he could not sort his data that way.

    What I am thinking is could I configure both Outlook synchronization via Pocket mirror for the Contacts and Notes and goodlink for the mail and calendar. I saw that document in another post about using the FileZ utility on a treo600 to set the contacts application back to the palm.

    Could I configure the Treo with outlook Sync first, then install goodlink, and then configure the goodlink software using FileZ utility to split the features between the palm and goodlink sw?
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    I don't know enough about pocket mirror to give you a definitive answer. If, however, PM uses the Palm native contacts database, you should be able to use the FileZ fix/hack in the other post to free up the Palm contacts. I don't think/know that Notes can be used the same way, but I will see what I can find out.

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