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    Does anyone know what the little connector on the back of the 650 is? It's right beneath the antenna under a little grey rubber plug. With a toothpick you can pull out the plug. It looks like an external antenna connector, but I didn't see anything in the manual about it. I'd like to have an external antenna that I can plug into it so while at my desk I can get signal. Does anyone have any ideas or places to get an antenna that would fit if that's what it is?
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    It's an external antenna connector. There have been folks here that have used them. Not sure which post but search and you should find some.
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    Wow! Thanks for the great information and the LINK. My ranch is in an area of poor reception and using the 650 at the ranch has been a dissapointment to say the least. Not realizing that the 650 had an external ant. connector, I thought I was relegated to a poor signal condition while at the ranch or an expensive repeater/booster solution. I'm elated to find that there is not only an external ant. connector on the phone but that there will soon be antennas available for the Treo 650.

    RF is a wonderful thing.

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