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    I'm using a Cingular (GSM) Treo 650. I was getting lots of resets on my Treo. I could consistently duplicate the problem by using my stylus to access the options menu of from the dialpad. I finally traced the problem to the program "Fields Plus." After I deleted "Fields Plus" the resets disapeared!

    What a pain! I had to delete the programs one by one until I couldn't force a reset. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHH!
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    never heard of it...
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    It's kind of like MSMount. It lets you run programs off of your SD card. You can read/download it from
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    I suspect the fix for my soft resets would be to uninstall the piece of crap called documents to go.
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    Once I got rid of "Field Plus". The resets disapeared. And I made a mistake in my last post. "Field Plus" lets you rename phone book fields. I was thinking of another program when I responded before.

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