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    Am in the process of getting a new/refurbished Treo via LockLine (T600 to a T600 or a possible T650) and have yet to get an SD card, mainly because I want to do things right the first time and get the Ultra II 2GB SD Card. (I figure that one will last me a good long time.)

    Had to get the full version of Snapper, as my trial would have run out. With regards of temporarily saving the e-mails I want. What is a temporary solution to save my e-mails sans SD card? For example, can I temporarily use my computer's hard drive or am I SOL?

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    If they are still on your server you have nothing to worry about. If not, how about forwarding them to an account. If you need one I can send you a gmail invite so you'll have plenty of space.

    Email me at trumpetlesson at gmail dot com
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    I already have a Gmail account via Snapper!

    95% of time, I use my Treo to access my e-mail, not from the desktop. From time to time, I use the desktop computer and not all of the e-mails on my Treo are found on the desktop. A server issue, I guess.

    When is that SanDisk 2GB Ultra II GB SD card coming out anyway?!

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