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    I just got my Unlocked GSM Treo 650 last Friday and it's been great. (Replaced a T3 and Z600 combo). I cannot believe how amazing the reception on the phone is.

    But of course, I have the low earpiece volume, hissing in speakphone and problems with others hearing me sometimes (echoing).

    I called palmone this afternoon and was shocked to actually speak to someone in the U.S. and not in India.

    I had them go check with a SME (Subject Matter Expert) about possible firmware updates to fix these problems and was told they're working on updated firmware and they should have it posted sometime in April.

    At least they're acknowledging the issue and they did mention they're getting a lot of calls on this.

    Anyone else get the same info?
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    Note: I edited the title to include the "Unlocked GSM" since there are different versions of the 650 out there.
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    Thats good to hear about the firmware upgrade for the unlocked treo. I was thinking we were going to be left out in the cold when I saw the AT&T/Cingular update.
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    Anxiously awaiting...


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