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    I just ordered a 600 from Cingular and would like any advice you guys may have on what I need to load on it, how to set it up, etc. Are there any upgrades or accessories I "must have"? Any tips or tricks I should know?

    I got the 600 instead of the 650 because it was only $199 (after rebates) and I've heard a lot of stories about compatibility issues with the 650. I used to use Palm OS back in the day, but I've had an Axim x30 for a while (MS) and am way out of practice. Anything I should read or do in preparation?

    [edit: Also, if anyone has any experience using the 600 with Tabs3 or Practice Matters, let me know about that, too!]

    I'm excited about the new toy and can't wait until it gets here!
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    My recommendations (based on whats on my 600)

    Audible (get a free ebook and a subscription just for registering)
    Directory Assistant
    Docs to Go
    Kinoma Producer/Player Ex
    Movie Rec
    Portable Keyboard (plugs in the hotsync port-find it on ebay cheap)
    Pocket Tunes (register your 600 and get it free - basic player)
    Sound Rec
    Splash Money
    Treo Alarm (checks weather and wakes you up)
    Buy an SD card (bigger the better 512mb or 1 gb for sure)

    Good Luck, search the forums for more info.
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    BackupMan is a must ($10)
    FileZ (free)
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    If you need to time on-site consults and use QuickBooks for invoicing, I recommend QBMobile or PocketBooks by PG Soft ( Time events download directly to Qb and into invoices. Awesome!

    Also, can't live without eReader.
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    ereader and backupman? Where can I go to read up on these apps?
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    eReader allows you to download and read books on your Treo. Go to

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