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    I'm about to put in an order for a Vaja PA31 for my 650. I was just wondering if there are other places to purchase it, besides, where they don't charge $15 (!) for shipping. I want a simple black one, so I was hoping to order it through Treocentral's store, but they ran out. Do I have any other options?
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    to be honest 15$ USD is pretty dang good considering it is shipped with FedEx International Priority...3 business days approx

    Canadian's pay 18$ USD (like me)...and again im sure you guys get the same type of shipping as us, but one less country to go thru
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    Hofo is right. For the $15.00, it will come insured and definitely on time. As far as other places to order Vaja products, I haven't found any yet but keep looking.
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    uh... treocentral? they sell the vaja cases (in only one color though)
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    and here is something that happend in mid february...when my t65 was shipped out, fedex had problems with the shipping and what it did not arrive in the garaunteed time...i got a refund on my shipping

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