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    Can you use the Treo 650 and the Sena Leatherskin case with the Treo 650 cradle without having to take off the Sena case?

    This worked with the Treo 600 and the Sena case, but I want to make sure it works with the 650 before ordering the new Sena case.

    Do Treo 650 users like the Sena Leatherskin case for the 650?
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    No, you can't.
    Yes, I like my leatherskin case. Although it puckers a bit around the volume controls which bothers me. If they had stitched it around that cut out it probably wouldn't do that. Also the leather piece that comes across in between the "home" button, the "menu" button and the screen is pretty close to the buttons making it a bit hard to access these keys.
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    I've been using a Sydney Harbour case and I really don't like it (I hate the recessed screen area and its beginning to take on a "twist" so things don't line up well anymore). I just saw this Sena case and it looks perfect. How well does the swivel belt clip work? In the pictures that the TreoCentral store has the screen area almost looks photoshopped, I can't see the edges of the screen at all. Does the case really come that far out onto the screen? Have you had any other problems that you didn't mention?
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    There are reviews of several of the cases you guys mention in the reviews section of the site. Click on cases...

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