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    I've only had my phone for about a week, and I setup Versamail to have one ActiveSync account and one IMAP account on the same server (different accounts on the server). The ActiveSync account is fast, and stable; the IMAP account is dog slow, fails to grab the complete bodies of about a quarter of the messages (with no option to download the rest), does not fully sync with the server (changes in the server are not automatically synced with the phone), and has made my phone reset about three times, each time taking all the Versamail account settings with it.

    So, in my very unscientific testing, it would seem that ActiveSync is much more reliable and better to use than IMAP with Versamail... I wonder why? Also, since IMAP accounts are much more common than Exchange accounts, I wonder why Palm released such a buggy IMAP mail client.
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    I can't compare to IMAP, but I do think VersaMail is pretty fast. The funny thing is that you can tell how fast it is when once a week or so you get the dreaded "have to delete ALL mail and calendar and reload everything" message. But then it only takes a minute and everything is back AOK.

    I just wish I could get my IT department at work to get SSL working so I don't have to run a VPN.

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