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    You posted this week*** on this forum that forum members should "keep an eye on the [P1] Treo 650 Support page or here at TC" regarding the firmware patch that Sprint users have been waiting on P1 to deliver since mid-December.

    ***<"Phone" button as redial?>

    I understand that you might be unable to divulge anything regarding your company's specific support plans but would you at least raise this issue with your management that there are probably 1,000's of customers here that are anxiously awaiting P1 to provide some fixes to the myriad of sw and hw problems that afflict the 650.

    I would like an official update from them as to when you plan to address the 650 problems and specifically which ones will be addressed. If there is some confusion on what they are, just start reading through this forum as it is full of issues that have been causing customers problems with the 650 since it was launched.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing anything from you!

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    You folk are going to harass Kevin to the point that he will never come back!

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