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    I can use the message app to send out SMS messages, however, when I receive a message, it has me go to short mail on blazer to retreive my message?

    I have talked to about 10 sprint folks on the phone who have no clue what I'm talking about. Some of them said they had "made changes" but nothing has worked yet (even past the 72 hour turn around time).

    I took it in to a Sprint store, and they told me they had to order a new phone - which will be here in 4 days.

    I'm on a Corporate Sprint Pooling plan (which basically has EVERYTHING), and my other co-workers Treo's worked as it supposed to, they can see the message right away.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Send out text message
    2. Receive a message from "unknown"
    3. Click on URL to retrieve message
    4. Opens up blazer and goes to a WAP Short Mail site
    5. I get my message there.

    This sucks.
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    which model do you have?
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    That's the way sprint used to be a long time ago. They got rid of that, though. Weird.
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    The newer models of the last 6-12 months should all have SMS style messaging,BUT some of the models from a few months ago were initially produced during the transition period from shortmail(web-based) to SMS ( NON web-based).They 'officially' have SMS, BUT there is a 'hidden' menu for shortmail in your phone that was de-provisioned b/c Sprint wasn't sure which protocol it was gonna settle on for those units.
    SOMETIMES, a user will get what you described because the database settings/microswitches are 'askew' and the computer misroutes the message to the wrong place.It is as simple as microswitch "b" reads "shortmail' instead of SMS like it is SUPPOSED to... Any good tech support rep should know how to fix this, or at least know how to find a supervisor who does, or find a tier II rep that does.This has been a known issue for a few months... If a competent rep tries the usual fixes and it still doesn't work, then your handset may need to be replaced,but the fixes usually work...
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    have them reprovision your vision services. they need to remove you completely and re-setup everything. I had the same exact problem. but took 1month to get another to wasn't clueless to fix it.
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    I should get my phone this week, I'll print this thread and bring it with me. I'll be sure to update you folks! Thanks for the support! So far, I'm loving my Treo 650!

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