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    anyone know if i can buy a new case for my 600?
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    I don't believe that palmOne sells replacements for the original Treo 600 slip case. Check your local office supply store or computer retailer. You should be able to pick up a functional case without spending too much money.

    Alan G
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    I see the oem slip cases for a few bucks (plus shipping) on ebay, oem horizontal cases for 10 or 15. After that point, you might look at a covertec horzontal case - not as cludgy looking, and $18 at, cheap usps first class shipping. - mark
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    i am talking about the plastic outer case that is part of the 600. mine is all scratched up so i was wondering if there were any cases so i can pop of this beat up one and replace it?
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    Even though I am a customer of VZW,and they (at the time) were not selling cases for the T600, I managed to find one at the local T-Mobile store and also at a local computer store (I think it was Computer City.

    I hope this helps.

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    Log in to Ebay, someone is selling about $20 including Torx6 screwdriver. type in "Treo 600 parts" in search.
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    Ordered new OEM plastic cover yesterday from
    $15 for the cover and $4 for shipping. From the website info, I guess I'll be getting a silver cover with the Palm logo on the top left corner. The Torx head screwdriver needed for the removal and installation is included in the price. Hoping to get these things in the next 3-4 days. Will let you know how it turns out. Wish I could get the back cover too, mine is in poor condition.
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    I ordered a new front cover from them on 3/18 it showed up today. I think his quantities are limited. I did notice that it does not have the little "protrusion" at the earpiece that my Verizon branded cover has.
    I tried to swap them out and left the phone on, as I was prying on the side of the cover (after removing the screws!) I noticed that my screen had gone blue. Soft reset.... nothing. System reset..... nothing. A firm smack on the back.... voila! Seems ok! Only now I'm scared to screw with it!
    Anyone seen printed instructions anywhere? (Prefferably for morons)
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    You have accidently broken one of the small connecter pins, which is connected to LCD screen. I just repaired mine last night with exact problem. When you put the treo face down on the table, the multipin connector on the middle right is the LCD connector. You need to have a very special tool to lift open "evenly" of that connector. there are about 16 soldering points ( each side about 8). Flip over slowly and use the soldering iron to solder back the right lowest point. ( Your soldering iron must be filed very sharp like paper pin ). Do not use too much solder, as they can spread to all point. ( then you are finished forever) May be just melt the existing solder to get the pin back. Push back evenly of the connector and you are done.
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    any of you guys willing to sell me the old scratched up case ?
    The reason i'm asking is that i'm not allowed to take a camera-phone to work, so i'll just remove the lens and repaint the case. Therefore i don't care about scratches and i only need the back of the case :-)

    oh i'm in Belgium (Europe)
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    Okay, have been lazy about posting the rest of my adventure; so here it is. I ordered a new 600 faceplate from shopoem and received it via 1st class airmail in 2 days. Before receiving it I received a mail tracking number that allowed me to see the status of my package while en route; very neat. The faceplate (and included Torx #6 screwdriver) were mailed in a padded paper envelope and were mounted on a piece of cardboard. I popped out the rubber plugs covering the 3 screws at the corners of the backplate with a toothpick (so the rubber wouldn't tear) and unscrewed the screws. Stupidly, I also popped out the large rubber plug directly underneath the antenna. Managed to pierce it, pop it out and realized belatedly that it was unnecessary to remove the large plug. Popped the big plug back in and started to work the front and back plates loose. After a fair amount of agonized prying with fingers and hands alone I managed to separate the two plates. Voila! I had it. Pulled the plates apart gently, as I could see where the speaker button slide switch assembly was slotted into the back plate. The volume button assembly also seemed to be somehow extend into the backplate. The area around the charger/sync slot on the bottom of the phone seems particularly weak and prone to breakage. Of course the rubber tensioner (long black piece of rubber shaped like an L in the cross-section) sproinged out promptly and made itself at home on the hand-towel I was using as a staging area. As I started to lift off the front plate I realized that there was an additional screw holding the innards (guts, if you will) of the phone to the front plate. Unscrewed that and everything basically fell out, unfolding and rearranging itself as it spread itself out on the towel. Stifling a rising scream I looked at the largest pieces (PCB, screen and battery housing) and realized that it could all be folded back neatly into a roughly rectangular shaped and placed back into the front plate while it lay face down. While inside the patient (I mean the phone) decided to give it the anti-EMI interference treatment by wrapping the battery power cord in some aluminum foil. That done, put all the major pieces back together (they're all connected so it was like folding up a complicated garment), found the right resting place for the stylus tensioner and closed it all back up. Whew! The faceplate cost US $12 and the shipping was $6 (ouch!). On the plus side I got a shiny new faceplate that I can look at for hours (just kidding I don't have a Treo fetish, or do I?) with a Handspring logo (verrry cool) and silver volume buttons (which makes it slightly different from other units). Overall I'm satisfied with the product and the service from shopoem. I would like to be able to buy the back plate and also a new keypad (got a dented key and scratched navigation button). Good experience overall, even with the heartstopping attempt of the insides to abscond to parts unknown (to sulk and reproduce into horrifying machine life that would obscenely attempt to copulate with me and give rise to bleb or cyborg life...) Okay, I'm done. Must go have a private moment with my sexy, errr shiny new Treo 600 (even the name "Treo" sounds vaguely feminine and full of promise, no?).....
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    Thanks for posting it up! I have a buddy that has a Treo600 .... it's a little cracked & banged up. I should send him your story.

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