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    It doesn't seem that I can assign the keyboard buttons to work with the 650. I can only use the shortcut buttons...

    Anyone know a way around this?
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    I looked for this on their forums. the current version doesnt support it but the next one might.

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    Treo-specific features will likely be on the backburner for LJP for the foreseeable future - none of the LJP devs have Treos.

    Unfortunately, while LJP is open-source, unlike 95%+ of open-source projects for PalmOS, it was built with CodeWarrior instead of prc-tools. As a result, there's a $400 entry barrier for most potential developers. I'd be hacking on LJP myself to add lores OSD support (the one feature absolutely NEEDED for Treo 600 support) except that I can't even compile the application without spending $400. (Actually $150, I'm a student so I can get academic pricing on CW, but $150 is still way too much to add a few hacks to one piece of software.)

    Sadly, LJP is apparently using some CodeWarrior-specific features that are unfortunately difficult to get away from once you start using them.
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    Treo 600 rules out most of the modules; I never bothered to add low res to GuineaPig for instance, since 132MHz just isn't enough to pull off the heavy machines. That said, NES should be doable so LJP should get a low res scaler for that system.. and SMS/GG as well perhaps, though I didn't clock how fast that module was. (LJP is partly descended from GuineaPig and shares a lot of code)

    If I get time (not for a little while I may look into working LJP over a touch.. I've got a Treo 650.

    It runs okay there, but I can't find an exit key, which is most annoying.. need to pinhole to get out of it


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