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    I'm haivng a problem trying to get IMAP to work with Versamail connecting to Izzymail via IMAP to get my hotmail messages. POP3 works fine, but when I try to use IMAP To connect to it connects, shows the number of messages to download, then says "Time Out reading body". Has anyone else been able to get this to work? According to izymail tech support their IMAP service doesn't work with Versamail.
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    I couldn't tell you, but I tried Versamail and I couldn't for the life of me get it to work with my Courier IMAP server at home. I could see the connection in my logs, but it just never responded. It worked fine for the UW IMAP server I have on my web server. I am thinking it has to be some sort of timing issue with Versamail. One of these days, I may insert a tiny sleep before outputing the welcome message in Courier to see if it makes a difference. Could be something similar with Izzymail. Try Snapper or even Agendus Mail, both of those work fine for both of my IMAP servers.
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    Thanks for the reply. I loaded snappermail and it works just fine. Now if I can only come up with the $59 they're asking for the pro version to use IMAP. This is definately a problem with Versamail. Palmone if you are out there you need to do some work on Versamail's IMAP functionality!

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