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    This forum isn't so bad. Try reading car audio forums. Those guys are one angry bunch of forum enforcers! One mistake and you're chastised sans mercy. Pretty entertaining, actually.

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    Had the not enough memory error too. Had 10 Mb before the sync so don't think that was an issue. The Treo now reports firmware 01.04, but software Treo650-1.02-CNG

    Going to try again (since I have a full back up anyways). Will yank the SD card to see if that caused an issue.
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    I removed the SD Card and hard rebooted into an "install" profile to do the upgrade. Anyone know if we need to re-install the Bluetooth update after the firmware upgade?


    Quote Originally Posted by rshah21
    Had the not enough memory error too. Had 10 Mb before the sync so don't think that was an issue. The Treo now reports firmware 01.04, but software Treo650-1.02-CNG

    Going to try again (since I have a full back up anyways). Will yank the SD card to see if that caused an issue.
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    As I understand it, the update includes the BT carkit update. Of course, it doesn't include the BT DUN hack.
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    bigbot - how do you reboot into an install profile?

    I'm still getting the "not enough memory", but the BT DUN hack is still present.

    Also, make sure to have the Treo plugged into a charger. After the 1st reboot, the Treo will pop a warning screen saying "must be plugged into charger" to continue.
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    has anyone with a cingular phone that has been unlocked tried this update? Does it affect the unlocked status at all?
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    I recommend against reinstalling the Bluetooth DUN hack after installing this update, as it seems to be incompatible, based on my experience.
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    That's the main reason I always prefered Compuserve forums over all other forms of online communication. They are more actively moderated and feisty people get "elfed". And forum topics are strictly political diatribes allowed in technical forums <grin>. Unfortunately they don't make AOL any money (until recently, no advertising accepted) and they have been trying to kill them off for a decade now. At least their advertising is very low key takes up very little of the screen real estate. Originally (back in the 1980's & 1990's) these forums were sponsored by the manufacturers and the manufacturers provide some staffing but most questions were answered by volunteer staff. If I had to make analogy between the experience I would say bed and breakfast versus frat house.....not that at times I haven't enjoyed BOTH !
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    Quote Originally Posted by TxDot
    don't take it personal, everybody is slapped equally around here.
    lol that'd make a great sig
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    OK, is it just me, or are others finding the 650 to be more stable after the ROM update?

    It's only been a little over 24 hours, but before the update I was random resetting typically once or twice per day. I just realized that I have now gone a full 24 hours without a single reset!

    And Cingular data is definitely much faster now. Maybe it's only coincidence and they just now fixed their EDGE problems, but whatever it is... it's much better!
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    Just did mine att/cingulair locked unit from a mac. worked fine and fixed annoying voicemail issue.
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    < merged >
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    I've been having random resets more than 5 times a day before the update about 10 mins ago. I was really hopefully that it will solve all my random reset problems.

    Well, it's been 10 mins, and I just had 1 random reset.

    Of course, I was talking on Verichat, and I have high risk apps like ChatterEmail and Kinoma installed.

    Hopefully it'll get better. Crossing my fingers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad

    What is the Treo 650 Voicemail Updater 1.04?

    This software updater resolves a known compatibility issue with some 64K SIM cards that cause your Treo 650's pre-programmed voicemail number to become corrupted or erased. When you tap on the voicemail icon, respond to a voicemail notification, press and hold the "1" key or access Voicemail from the Favorites menu, you may experience one of these conditions:

    * You can't access voicemail
    * You're connected with an unrelated long distance operator instead of voicemail
    * You are prompted to enter your voicemail number after the Treo 650 resets itself
    * You may have requested Cingular Wireless to send an over-the-air (OTA) message to reset your voicemail number, and it may have worked for a short period but then become corrupted or erased again.

    The Treo 650 Voicemail Updater 1.04 resolves this incompatibility and restores your voicemail settings to working order. After the update, you should not have problems accessing your carrier voicemail through the methods mentioned above.
    They apparently are not fixing this issue before selling new device. I just bought five from Cingular and have seen the 2nd and 3rd issue on two of the phone. The one with 3rd issue simply typed in the number that was available on a working device. The manager with the 2nd issue had to create a separate favorite because the normal favorite could not be edited or deleted. We are switching to Sprint so I won't bother with the update on these temp phones.
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    mine worked out fine after the update however like i posted before i now have 2 GPRS under Network Preferences.. anyone know what file that is to delete, and would it be safe to delete it?
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