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    From palminfocenter

    The last bullet is the one of most interest -

    palmOne Conference Call Highlights

    - When asked Colligan confirmed the Verizon Treo 650 would support the high speed EV-DO standard.
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    More fuel to the fire guys!!! Coincidence??? I think not!!!

    MTDN starts selling Verizon Treo smartphones! site news Wednesday, March 30, 2005 is very pleased to announce that we're now shipping the Verizon Treo smartphones! Treo 600 model is available now, and the Treo 650 will be available soon.
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    ElderBob, please post a link. If that's the case, I may have to jump ship from my beloved Sprint!!
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    9 years w/ sprint,but a 650 w/ EVDO - oh boy
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