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    Finally, I got the opportunity to test both Visor and Stowaway keyboard on real action. I started this morning going to a Computer Science class, which was kind of empty because it was the first day of class. So I opened my RhinoPak 2000 and took out first my Stowaway and placed on my seat board. Then I placed my Blue VDX on the SPK. When the class started, I was ready to take notes on my PeditPro word editor; however when it came to drawing I had to used a separate piece of paper. Not really bad, since at the end I plan to print all my notes.

    Then I went to my physics class and did very well with all my gadgets. The only thing is that when I tried to divide .17 by 3 I got a fancy answer, not really helpful.

    At the end of the day I was worried about what could happen if I got a fatal error or I have to hard reset my VDX. Therefore, I decided to get a BackUp Module from since they provide free shipping.

    So How was your first day of school?

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    I'll have a full report on Tuesday
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    Wed. for me. I'm sorry to say, but I really can wait for this date.
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    I have now used my Visor for two weeks of school --- I set it up and just start typing away .. currently I have been using memopad (this weekend I need to figure out how to clear out pEedit so I can really try it before buying (installed it a while back and never used it)) -- in anycase, the visor/stowaway has been great. The ambient noise of the classroom cancels out any clicking noise from typing (so it doesnt appear to be bothering other students) -- The only gripe i have is not having my bold/italics .. someone mentioned doing HTML codes in the text, which I have tried, only problem is it makes the notes harder to read on screen (And if I decide to IR Print my notes for someone, the codes will show up .. So hopefully someone will come out with bold/italics in their editor (even if it is not visible)

    So far so good -- I setup a category for each class, and as of right now, every day I go to class I start a new memo with the date on the top line with chapter/misc information so it shows up nice in the memo listing -- however, after I choose between pEDIT or Smartdoc (or another one), I'll probably switch my note taking to a per chapter basis.

    One thing I really like is being able to copy down whats on the powerpoint presentation or transparency and still being able to keep up with the professor -- some times verbatim. Its also nice that I am able to sit through about 4.5 hours of lecture (3 x 1.5hour classes) and still keeping great notes up until the final word (with the paper/pencil method I'd usually get a sore neck/hand cramp well before the final class...) -- simply AWESOME.

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    As a college instructor, I would give you all A's for using your Visor. Shows a great deal of intelligence and organizational skills
    I use a Visor DX
    Therefore I am cool!
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    The Visor and Stowaway is not just for college but also for the office. I've used mine for nearly 5 months now and have used a stowaway keyboard for 2 months. At this point I can say that I can do without my laptop 90% of the time - the remaining 10% is when I need to give a powerpoint presentation.

    I looked around and decided upon the QED product for note taking. I found in some meetings that I exceeded the 4k limit and starting a new memo, while not difficult, was an interruption that I didn't need. QED is small (29K) and works great.

    I've used the Visor/Stowaway in numerous meetings and at a week long conference with sessions from 8 to 5 and found that taking notes was a breeze.

    btw. I gave my son a Visor this past June for his high school graduation and then this summer gave him the four point zero product to keep track of his classes and grades as he starts college. He didn't want a stowaway but I suspect after another week or two he will ask for one.
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    I'm waiting for the upcoming relese of iSilo 3.0 which should have WYSIWYG HTML editing untill then I pland to use *s /s and ^s to emphsise somthing
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    Musings of a Teal Artist
    CollectiveArts TechMusings

    "Everybody don't like something and we all don't like you." -- Richard Thompson, Hard Luck Stories
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    Last Saturday I went to class and I had to type some formulas and series on my VDX using the SPK. The problem began when I had to type some Greek letters, which do not exist on the palm? Any ideas or hacks? How do you type Zigma, gamma, beta, etc?

    At the end of class I got to the conclusion that I would not use my SPK and VDX during science classes because of the absent of some characters.

    About PeditPro:
    Is there a way to underline a title and to make a statement on a paragraph bold?


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    acajigas -- AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $Palm$ $doesn$'$t$ $have$ $the$ $added$ $Greek$ $alphabet$ $in$ $the$ $core$ $font$. $However$, $I$ $have$ $found$ $a$ $program$ $called$ $Font$ $Edit$ ($http$://$www$.$sergem$.$net$/$fontedit$/) $that$ $allows$ $you$ $to$ $modify$ $fonts$ $on$ $the$ $Palm$. $You$ $could$ $create$ $your$ $greek$ $charaters$ $replacing$ $characters$ $not$ $required$ $in$ $the$ $default$ $font$ $and$ $use$ $a$ $special$ $font$ $when$ $using$ $your$ $Visor$ $for$ $science$ $classes$.

    I am unaware of any editors (pedit included) that support basic character formatting (bold/italics/underline) -- I have written to a several authors of readers and editors with a request to develop an editor with more advanced formatting capabilities. Hopefully these and other requested features will be added to future versions.


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    Lucky People..

    I'm jealous of you all..
    I get my visor and stowaway second semester.
    School starts for me tommorow.
    Fun Fun!!!


    I DO have an education of an 8th grader

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