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    I recently purchased the B650 book case. With this case there is nothing stopping the treo from being pushed back out (up) slightly when upward force is applied from below, like when connecting the charger or synch cables, etc. So to be extra secure I threw some egrips on the treo and put the reluctant bugger back into the case. Now the case doesnt fit quite as perfectly, due to the slight change in the size of the treo, but it is very secure. As a test I then attempted to remove the treo from the case. I am reluctant to push, pull, or pry very hard so I soon gave up. I am starting to think that I will have to destroy the case to get the treo out.

    What I am wondering is this; has anyone sucessfully used the egrip/case combo? I was thinking is that if I can get it out without destroying the case I may remove all but the egrip pannel over the battery cover to see if that makes it still sticky enough to reduce case slippage and at the same time allow me to remove it without risking harm to the treo.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

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