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    Can anyone help? I have loaded Adobe Reader for Palm OS ver 3.05 to my TREO. When I try to open a pdf. attachment in Versamail I get the following:

    1. Do you want to accept XXX.pdf into Adobe Reader

    I click yes

    2. Failed to recieve beamed document

    I click ok

    3.Tranfer Error atabase: corrupt database (0x0209)

    I click ok

    4. Goes into Adobe Reader (but know file to be found)

    I can load files from the desk top that will load on to the device that work fine. But I really need to be able to open a pdf in it's native format that is attached to a Email ( tried snapper mail same deal)
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    This is a well-known issue; Adobe Reader for Palm OS does NOT read native PDF files. You must convert the files on a PC before loading it on the Palm. Yeah, what a crock.

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    Thanks for the quick response
    Maybe someday we will be able to read a native attachment

    Ver 26?

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