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    I've had my T650 for about a month now and I would to mess around with the Bluetooth. Looking to shares files and possible share Internet connection between my T650 and laptop.

    What's the cheapest Bluetooth adapter that I can that will allow me to accomplice that? Oh and also it has to be compatible with Windows 2000 and XP.
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    I'll sell you an old working belkin usb BT adapter for $15.00 if you like. PM me for specs and payment info. The adapter is a belkin F8T001_v1
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    Probably any BT adapter will be compatible with 2000/XP.

    It's just a matter of finding the cheapest one. I have a D-Link BT dongle that I paid around $40 or so for. You can find others cheaper. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    the belkin one works fine. I got mine for $10 after rebates from compusa a few weeks ago... no problems with it what so ever.
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    Get the CompUSA "150 meter range" (total BS, it's 100) with extrenal (pop up) antenna for $35. It's the cheapest 100 meter BT adapter out there and it works great! It should be on their site. Sorry I'm writing this from my treo so I can't provide a link.
    Get the one with the little pop up antenna.
    Zoom also OEM's the same exact product.

    Here's a link to it. As far as I can tell it's one of the best prices for a 100 meter BT adapter and as I said, it's works very well. It covers most of the entire floor at work from my cube (I use as a wireless access point) and my entire house.
    Here's the same exact adapter when OEM'ed by Zoom, and it's sold many places but more expensive, the $35 compusa is the cheapest:
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