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    Is anyone using Repligo on the Treo 650?
    I have it on my T600 but the low resolution screen doesn't always show text/pictures clearly unless zoomed way in.
    How do documents look on the Treo 650?
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    I am, and it works like a charm. Very crisp and easy to read.
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    Does Repligo convert pdf files for viewing on the palm itself? Can you print through IR to a printer these converted pdf files?

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    I use Repligo and it is a favorite app of mine. I just wish they would update it to support the 5-way navigation of the 650.

    As for the PDF's, I don't believe there is a way to convert them through the app itself on the Treo. You have to send it through the Repligo "printer" on your desktop to convert it for viewing and then hotsync.

    I haven't tried printing from the Treo yet.....
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    it works perfectly on Treo650
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    so, basically, if I just want to view doc, pdf or excel on 650, I don't need DocToGO, right? Religo should have some advantages in viewing such files compared with DocToGO???
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    I would say yes, but you must realize that you have to send all documents to the RepliGo printer first, then hotsync the converted document to the Palm.

    The advantage of RepliGo over DocsToGo is the option to "reflow" the document, which means it strips all images from the document and formats the text for your Treo's screen. Makes reading really easy.

    And it will just as easily reflow the document back to it's original format, with images and all retained.

    Of course, you cannot edit documents in RepliGo. Also, if you receive a document via email on the Treo, you cannot view it in RepliGo, because you cannot convert it on the fly.

    Still, its a great program. I use it a lot for grabbing material from the web that I want to read later on the Treo.

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