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    Soon I will have a Treo 650 and I am wondering if I can control my Keynote documents on my PowerBook using my 650 and a Bluetooth connection?

    I found software that is called Slideshow Commander 2.0 for Palm OS

    but it seems only to work in combination with Windows?

    Or should I use VNC instead, over a GPRS-connection? I doubt it is reliable.

    Anyone in this forum with day-to-day experience using a Treo to control a PowerBook presenting something? Other teachers/trainers present?
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    I think this is what you're looking for:

    i've been using it since it only runs on Sony Ericsson phones. Now it's a priceless tool I use to control everything imaginable on Mac.
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    Clicker is awesome. i can also control your itunes, basic system functions, and other media applications. you can also find other scripts available for it online.
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    Go with Salling Clicker. You can even mouse with it using the Palm screen like a touchpad!

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