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    Hi all (again).

    So I finally got all my Now stuff synched and my 650 is working great. My next question is - How do I get my other apps onto my 650. They're just mess around stuff, so if I don't get then on there it's no big deal.

    Here's what I did initially:

    Backed up all my old palm data onto my desktop (I use Mac OS 10.3.6)
    Backed up my Now info
    Removed all the old Palm software
    Installed new Palm software that came with 650
    Re-installed Palm conduits from Now
    Trashed Calendar, datebook, contact conduits

    Synched - All the important stuff is there.

    I still have X-man.prc, doodlebug.prc etc in my backup folder on my desktop. Where do I need to drag it to get it onto my Treo the next time I synch?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Just double click them, should go to install automatically.
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    Thanks I'll try that tonight.


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