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    I'm on my fourth Treo. All had started to drop calls when the battery got slightly discharged. I was told by the Sprint guy that leaving a Treo (600 in my case) in the car kit would result in greatly reduced battery life. Any opinions/experience?
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    Since topping up is supposedly a good thing, the car kit should improve durability, not harm it. On the other hand, years ago Sprint's automobile chargers were defective and damaged the units (this was the Treo 300, I think) and that fact could account for the perception that the car kit was a bad idea. It was just Sprint's car kit.
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    There are posts about the battery being low and then having network problems and dropped calls.

    My 600 doesn't get through a whole anymore but still runs fine (I charge it at work too).
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    I keep my Treo 600 topped off and I am not having any issues with the device or the battery life.

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