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    I just tried to find the phone number of someone who called me on February 28th, and I discovered that the oldest entry in my call log dates back to March 3rd. That's only 15 days ago, any way for me to increase the length of time it maintains? Is there anything on my 650 or on my desktop (via syncs) that might help me get the number of this guy who called on Feb 28?
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    How many calls do you have? Perhaps it's the volume of calls? My call log (GSM unlocked phone) goes all the way back to when I got the phone, 2/15.
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    It's a lot, over 200 i believe. Maybey there's a 200 or 250 call limit?
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    This should help you in the future.

    For SMS, I know you can only keep 400 records per contact, no idea about the number of records call log.
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    Thanks, I'll give it a shot. This doesn't come up often, but periodically I want to know something from way back.
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    desktop program for the mac--treocall log does that
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    I also use Comet and have been very pleased with it. I maintain my complete call log since 11-03. On my Sprint Treo 600 the database starts at 10-17-04, the last time I deleted the call log. Ben

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