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    For some reason my Treo's Home will not longer flip thru the catergories (and of course not able to get to the external card).

    I can only change to a difference catergory with the pen.

    I have pretty much the works on the Treo.

    I have Butler and Uninstall Manager, which I'm still learning how to use.

    I just upgraded Lightwav and KoolAlarms, but don't know how to use those either.

    I think there is a corrupted pref entry. Does anyone know how to clean the pref file.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I had the same problem. I must have had a 3rd party app that caused it. I finally had to do a hard reset. I then renamed my backup file to backupa. When the Treo was resynched with my computer it worked fine. I then loaded on the various apps I had one at a time and have had no further problems. I did leave off a few since I realized I was not using them but they are none of the ones you are using.

    Hope this helps.

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