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    sometimes when i go to open a email it causes a rest with this error message
    a crash occurred while running versamail
    memorymgr.c line 2948,memset to null
    and this is wierd i think it always happens with the same sender.

    please help
    thanks joel
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    try the instructions from Palm:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(36541),ts=Palm_External2001

    Likely you have a corrupted versamail file and you need to purge these files from the 650. You will need filez to do this, it is in the instructions.

    Happened to me last month.

    good luck
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    thank you
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    I am experiencing the same problem with Versamail - crashes upon launch and resets phone. I followed the link to Palm and downloaded and installed FileZ. Problem is that FileZ will not delete the .asc3 or .asc4 files.

    I get this error message: "Error: dm: Database Open in Item::remove()d". In fact, I get similar error messages as soon as I select to "view" the internal card! I'm totally unsure what to do. Any ideas would be appreciated!!!
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    soft reset the phone first and try to delete the files again
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    install the patch 1.08 (if you have a sprint phone)

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