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    My 650 reset, in fact, would only reset when I tried to delete all my emails in versamail. I had about 150 emails due to the fact that I hadn't downloaded them in about a week. When I checked them all for deletion and then pushed delete it reset every time. Maybe 10 times in a row. I couldn't do anything in versamail. Couldn't even delete 1 email at a time. It seemed like a memory limit was reached and when I tried to do anything it reset.

    How did I solve the problem?

    I went into versamail, pushed the menu button and pushed "delete old". Then I deleted everything older than today. For some reason that worked just fine. Now I'm back to normal and can delete emails that are downloaded in a normal fashion. Doesn't seem to reach the memory point when dealing with fewer emails.

    Hopefully, the new OS update will really fix these issues that I believe have to do with memory problems, some of which have been acknowledged by P1.

    The 650 is a great concept but was released too early and we are the beta sites. Very frustrating, so I'm just using the minimalist version so as to reduce the number of resets and other aggravating problems.
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    thanks... it was driving me nuts

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