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    I have a 1 by my Voicemail al the time and I dont have any Voicemails to check. is this normal, my Treo is 1 day old...thanks
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    It's actually a reference to a shortcut for holding down the 1 on your thumboard to go directly to your voicemail.
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    I have it as well.

    I think it is a built in from Palm. The 1 represents the "speed" button #. If you hold down the 1 key, it will dial your voicemail.

    Palm placed it in the "Favorites" folder along with about 5 other preset buttons.

    Does anyone know how to delete these presets? I tried the usual, but I couldn't get these to erase.
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    Nope. This one is hardcoded. The best you can do is to move it to one of the other pages.
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    Oh ok just like my reg. Cingular phone if i hold down the 1 key it goes to voicemail....thanks, i can see this will be a great forum...
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    has anybody had success getting a "2" or any other number next to other favorites for speed dailing??

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