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    Hi all,

    Just upgraded from the good(bad) old 600 to a 650 and while I love the harware enhancements I already hate the buggy software glitches and memory deficiency.

    I have more apps than will fit on the (measley) 22mb of installed memory so need to load and run some from the SD card. I'm aware that this is possible but have never tried it and never used a 3rd party launcher.

    Can someone give me a crash course on how it all works, a recommendation for which launcher to use and instructions on what to do? I'm sure this has been covered before even a pointer to the right thread would be appreciated.


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    i have about 75-80 icons on my treo with alot of apps most on sd card and have 10mb left using z launcher as well, i install an app then use ZL to move it to the card
    easy as that and im on my first and only treo 650 from sprint purchased in dec 04 and i have no bugs at all
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    Two of the most mentioned SD card utilities around here are PowerRun and ZLauncher. ZLauncher is a full-blown application launcher that also allows you to move apps to/from the SD card. PowerRun is strictly a program to move apps. If you go with PowerRun, you probably want a file management program (FileZ is free and works well). The PowerRun-FileZ combination has a smaller footprint than ZLauncher. It's a matter of whether you want the additional functionality ZLauncher provides.

    There are other options as well. Do a search on PowerRun or ZLauncher and you'll find that this issue has been discussed in great detail.
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    LauncherX is a choice as well.

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