Getting the Palm to sync in the first place is not always easy... that said.

I have had no resets during hot sync on my 650 until this morning. My last hotsync was before going to bed. After awaking this morning, I synced to update my overnight emails, and for the first time ever my 650 reset during the VersaMail sync portion. I tried it several times and even rebooted my pc but the same soft reset automatically happens at the same place while syncing my first of two email accounts in VersaMail.

Called tech support, guess what they want an entire hard reset (that seems to be the only thing they can say in english clearly.) I won't do it this time since nothing changed on my unit since my last sync before going to bed last night. Any one else experiencing a reset during VersaMail? Did you get to solve it? I know I can sync wirelessly without any problems, but I want my link sync'd.