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    I ran into a problem recently and couldnt get my work e-mail to my Treo650, I tried Mergic VPN and it didnt seem to work...I use Checkpoint Secure VPN on my desktop to access our corporate mail servers and needed a way to get my work email from home where I work to my Treo650 when I am out and about.


    I found this page and had never actually heard of this plugin, I downloaded and installed the plugin in FireFox and made a new filter that basically copied from an IMAP account to Inbox folder which is an IMAP account, I now have Chatter checking Inbox and it gets all my work email without the need for a VPN client installed on my palm or having to ask our Sys-admin if I'm allowed to do this.

    I can now have a copy of all work emails come to an account my Treo can access, I cannot of course still remotely access my work account but thats not needed..I just need a copy of the email which I get no problem when Firefox places a copy in the Inbox I specify and I can reply if I can actually make it send to any folder so you could name a folder "Work Email" and have chatter set to check that folder.

    Hopefully this will help someone else who may have this problem, the plugin is attached in case it dissapears or something.
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