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    I often want to add todo items while I'm reading AvantGo, but hate the time switching back and forth.

    I see the hacks like PopUpNames and PopUpTime and wondered it something like it was available for the todo list. It would sure be nice to add a todo without actually leaving AvantGo!

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    i use the PopUpNote allows you access to your memopad. that's where i have catagories with URLs and quotes from avantgo.

    I don't know of a popup ToDo.
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    A bit OT but if switching back and forth is your problem then I would suggest an excelent hack called watch-ya... It's like a task bar / alt-tab thingamabober. I have it set up now so when I drag from the home button to the screen it switches to the last app that you were using. So you could just hit the tasklist button then drag from home-up to go back to avantgo. If you drag from the home button to the graffiti area it pops up a "tasklist" containing the last 10 programs that you have run. SO COOL!

    P.S. You need hackmaster for this, something you should have anyways.
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    It's really the reload time of Avantgo that's the issue. For very complex pages, it takes 4-5 seconds to reload the page when you switch back into it.

    Your suggestion helps though! Thanks!
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    If that's a problem, I would suggest the following hack: AFTERBURNER. This way you can selectively crank up the speed of processor intensive applications on palmos. I have mine set so all applications run at standard speed, and AvantGo and Mapopolis are overclocked to 26 MHZ. This makes the batery drain a little faster when your in overclocked mode but it's totally worth it because it makes pages load WAY WAY faster.

    Enjoy... Hackmaster rules!
    I've got a BVD with a Stowaway keyboard
    Visors kick A$$!!!!!!
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    Interestingly enough, I am testing out Ecohack, but for the opposite reason. Once I'm on an Avantgo page, I stick with it for a long time. I have Avantgo slowed down to 10mhz to save my batteries. Loading big Avantgo pages is slow enough without ecohack slowing it further.

    Now, if ecohack had a "smart" mode, like my laptop, it could speed up while actually doing something and then slow down to just display the pages...

    I have been testing out PopupNote since yesterday. It's not as good as adding to the todo list. I'll just have to remember to read the list in the memeo later.

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