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    I work for Cingular and just purchased the TREO 650. It is cool cause because I have unlimited everything, now I just need to learn about this thing. I have had it for about 4 hours now and cnat figure out crap. I went to a few web pages but they are very hard to make it. IS up and down the only way I can the page, no left-right???
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    No, you are viewing a webpage in OPTIMIZED MODE On Blazer
    click on the icon between the refresh icon on the left and the globe icon on the right and you can select wide mode.
    it will redraw and let you navigate U/D L/R

    now you can you get me Media works Unlimited?
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    To switch between Wide and Optimized mode, simply hit "Menu" key & then "W" or "Menu" key & then "O".
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    I would recommend that you go to mobile version of the sites you visit as much as possible. These sites are formatted for mobile and devices and are easier to navigate.
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    Where do you find the mobile version, and how do i know if a site has one

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