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    just wondering how can I reconnect to the phone after that I disconnect from earpice?
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    push the side will hear a few beeps and the call should transfer back to it.
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    Is that working for you? I tryed it it dosen't work for me
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    Any one have any sugestion?
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    The side button is how you connect. Are you by chance asking about pairing? If so, you pres the top rocker button down in the center until you see the pairing animations in the LCD display.
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    My HBH 660 is working prety well with my treo, I can Switch betwin calls and its connecting every time I call out or geting a call and answer from the phone or from the side button.
    tha only thing that I can't do is reconnect to a call after i switched it to the phone,
    if I pressing on the side button I hear the bips but nothing realy happen, the bluetooth icon on the phone dosen't change at all and the sound dosen't swithch to the phone.
    I have Sprint treo with the dun patch from shadowmite and the upgrade also from shadowmite the BT version that I show on the info is 1.0(w),
    its also show bluetooth just below it with version 2.0,
    maybe I have to delete something so it will work properly?

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