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    Well, I went to take a picture of the basket of green bagels at work and I got this error message:

    No Camera
    Unable to launch Camera
    because no camera is
    present in the device.

    Nothing traumatic happened to the phone to cause this, nor did I install anything new.

    I checked PalmOne's message forums and found a thread that basically said the unit needs to be replaced. I called Sprint Level II support tonight and was told to bring it into the store for a new unit.

    I am not happy about having to go to the store because it is inconvenient and I don't find them to be very competent. After some whining, Sprint said they would mail me a new 650 but they would charge my account pending the return of the broken one and that they could replicate the problem.

    A similar experience with Sprint a number of years ago led to a year-long fight for my credit so I'm going to take my chances with the store.

    Anyone else have this experience with the camera? How was it resolved?

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    I had the same problem a few weeks ago, and it seesm to have happened randomly just like in your case. I took the unit home, hotsync'ed it and then did a hard reset on it. After the reset, everythign seemed to work fine.

    (that is until this week, when my Sprint T650 just keeps randomly restarting)
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    I did the hard reset too, hoping that would do the trick, but still no camera. :-(

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