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    I could swear that I had a disconnect option when I clicked menu while I am in blazer, for some reason I do not see that option any more, does anyone else have it. I am using a CDMA 650 with original ROM
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    I dont use the browser but I checked, there was'nt a disconect in the menu of the 650. There was in the 600. How the heck do you close the connection? I held down the phone end button to close the connection, but thats retarded.
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    very strange. I have gsm 650 and the disconnect option is there. the way to do it is go into network prefs and disconnect.
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    when i go, menu my options are page, go, edit, options

    How do get to network option
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    The menu option to Disconnect only exists on the GSM version, not Sprint for whatever reason...
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    Wow thats a pretty careless oversite,

    Thanks for the info

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